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FREE ONE DAY MENTOR WORKSHOP FOR SUPERVISORS: Focus on Supporting Return-to-Training Trainees

1st February 202323rd February 2023, 7th March 202329th March 2023, 27th April 2023, 16th May 2023

February 1 at 8:00 am until May 16 at 5:00 pm

The Supported-Return-To-Training (SRTT) Programme is funding this workshop. The focus is on providing Educational Supervisors with the mentorship skills to support return-to-training trainees.

Approximately 10% of trainees take time out of training (Parental leave, sickness, research etc). There has been increasing recognition that returning to full duties, without a re-introduction period, has the potential to damage both the trainee and patient safety. Through correct support and guidance, we can enhance their return to practice, enabling them to regain their clinical skills quickly and safely, significantly benefiting patient safety and quality of care.

The objectives for this workshop are also applicable to supervising any trainee, not just those who are returning to training.

Workshop objectives:

    Develop their own Self-awareness through a psychometric assessment

    Explore how to improve trainee’s emotional resilience

    Discuss generational differences affecting trainees

    Handle courageous conversations with trainees requiring additional support

    Practise giving feedback

    Develop mentoring and coaching skills

I would be grateful if you, or someone within your directorate, could sign up to this workshop to ensure that we have representation of your specialty within our network.

I have attached our programme flyer for more information. You can sign up using the QR code in the flyer, or via this link: https://forms.office.com/r/yEVDmxUTqM