(South Thames & KSS) -Gastroenterology Training Day-GI Cancer/ Functional Bowel Disorders

Event Organiser: Mildred Olet Please register here: https://lasepgmdeevents.hee.nhs.uk/events/regional-training-days/29562890-5af7-41f6-bb16-94a004610103 Venue: St Helier Hospital-(Room TBC) Date: 13 DECEMBER 2023 Time: 09:00 – […]

(South Thames & KSS)- Gastroenterology-Nutrition (focus on enteral)/ IBD

Please Register Here: https://lasepgmdeevents.hee.nhs.uk/events/regional-training-days/89a1e8eb-a4d5-4620-8f36-51adb0a3ebe8 Date 21st July 2026 Time: 09:00-17:00 Venue: Epsom-Details TBC Organiser: Mildred Olet-HEE Event Lead: Philippa Youd, […]

(South Thames & KSS)-Gastroenterology-GI Bleeding/ Malabsorption

Registration Link: https://lasepgmdeevents.hee.nhs.uk/events/regional-training-days/5a5dc935-1458-439b-90e8-40d3182e33f4 Venue: East Sussex-Room TBC Organiser: Mildred Olet Date: 19th March 2025

HEE visit to Brighton and Sussex Medical School

The Chair of HEE, Sir David Behan along with senior colleagues visited Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) on 18 March.  […]

HEE South East stakeholder newsletter – November 2020

In this issue we will be: Providing you with South East staffing updates  Giving you profession-specific education and training information Encouraging […]

HEE South East stakeholder newsletter – October 2020

In this issue we will be: Welcoming new Chief Executive, Dr Navina Evans Providing you with profession-specific education and training and […]