Teaching and Learning

Training days

As a trainee you will be expected to attend a set number of regional training days throughout the training year in addition to local teaching at your trust. Each school will have a minimum number of events you are expected to attend in order to achieve a successful outcome at your ARCP.

Regional training days should be booked through the School of Anaesthesia and can be found on the KSS events calendar webpage. . To attend a regional training day, you should book study leave with your trust according to their notice period, usually a minimum of six weeks. If you are unable to attend, you must give your school a valid reason for non-attendance. This may include:

  • your trust being unable to release you from service (if this recurs, please contact your school)
  • pre-booked leave (although you shouldn’t make a habit of this)
  • illness/bereavement/special leave
  • exams
  • working nights

Your attendance or non-attendance at each event will be noted and made available to the ARCP panel. The reasons above will be taken into account by the panel, providing they are valid.

Note – trainees must book their place before attending. Trainees who do not book a place may be turned away due to capacity. Trainees who have booked but can no longer attend should aim to give their school at least 48 hours’ notice, so that another trainee can attend in your place.Trainees who do not attend and fail to give a valid reason beforehand will be reported to their training programme director.

Trainees will be expected to attend other educational activities organised by their trusts such as grand rounds and specialty departmental education sessions wherever possible. Examples of such educational activity include clinical governance meetings, audit meetings and clinical class as well as targeted teaching.

Trainees should keep records of all educational activity and should in turn remember that good medical practice expects all doctors to teach themselves.

Please ensure that you have arranged for study leave to be taken before confirming your place on the following training days.

Core regional training days

  • Anaesthetics Training Days are open to all core trainees
  • Kent Regional Training Days are open to all core trainees in the Kent region
  • Surrey Regional Training Days are open to all core trainees in the Surrey region
  • Sussex Regional Training Days are open to all core trainees in the Sussex region

HST regional training programme

  • Anaesthetics Training Days (open to stated trainee grades for the event)
  • Simulation Training Days (open to stated trainee grades in area stated only)

If you have any other queries please contact us.

Pocket Novice Anaesthetics Guide

Novice Guide Watermark [pdf, size: 30,367kb]