Darzi Fellowships

The Darzi Fellowship in Clinical Leadership was launched in 2008 to help transform London’s healthcare through system redesign. The Darzi Fellowship programme then spread to Kent, Surrey, and Sussex (KSS) in 2017, commissioned by HEE and delivered alongside the KSS Academic Health Science Network and the Health Systems Innovation Lab at London South Bank University.

The purpose of the Darzi Fellowship was to help transform the regional healthcare through system redesign. It evolved into a prestigious, high profile programme, designed to grow leaders from multi-professional backgrounds by expanding their ability to undertake complex change initiatives, that have a profound impact on them and the organisations they work for.

The Darzi Fellowship was open to those at the start of their leadership journey (ST5-6 or Band 7/8a). Darzi Fellows come from multi-professional clinical backgrounds, including Doctors, Nurses and Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, Dentists, Healthcare Scientists, and Pharmacists.

The programme takes Darzi Fellows on a journey learning the foundations of change, developing an understanding of methodologies for change as well as personal strategies and skills for leadership. The aim throughout the programme is to develop the ability to work effectively and productively with peers from diverse backgrounds, including service users.

This programme supports the Fellows in leading real systems change projects that secure better services with and for citizens.

By the end of the programme, Fellows have:

  • the knowledge, attitude, skills and change practices to lead the NHS of the future
  • a wide network of critical friends and alliances to learn from (peer-2-peer learning)
  • a deep understanding of new models of care, their benefits, challenges, and application
  • made an impact on healthcare through the delivery of real change
  • confidence, resilience, and the ability to lead in times of uncertainty.

Darzi’s experience and projects

To find out about the KSS Darzi’s experiences and projects, visit the KSS Darzi project folder.

How do I get involved?

After successfully delivering three KSS Darzi Fellowship cohorts since 2017, HEE is now pausing the funding for this programme to allow for a period of evaluation.

In the interim organisations interested in sponsoring Darzi Fellows in KSS for September 2020, should contact Professor Becky Malby, Health Systems Innovation Lab at London South Bank University, to explore options.

If you are interested in participating in a Darzi Fellowship, please visit London South Bank University Darzi Fellow webpage and contact the team.